Describes a person who has a significant status with people and is viewed as a high class individual over others ... In other words “Being the Shit”
My boy Matt is a mudboy.

People think they mudboys out here cause they flexing on us.

Bitch! I’m a Muddboooy !

I’m going to show these people i am a mudboy. And they nothing compared to me.
by Mr.Wagner October 15, 2018
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One who can get dirty when needed and grew up with humble beginnings. A mudboy must have a nice flow and be able to connect to Jesus for their free styling skills.
You heard Jake freestyle before? He's quite the mudboy.
by lilnilofficial October 11, 2018
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A cowardly individual or tactic where one abandons friends or teammates to hide and wait for an event, action, or battle to pass. Most commonly found in Battle Royale style video games. Lacking skill in traditional combat, often the mudboi is attempting to live longer in the game in order to gain more experience.
"That boy Willis decided to Mudboi it again."

"Do we want to Mudboi this round?"

by Herecomethebombs July 17, 2019
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