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Its a small little town in Illinios. Where the rich kids who play Black Ops all night think they are cool because they are level 10 pretighe, or whatever it is called. And the stoners think they are cool because they smoke pot all day and wear pot shirts, but really what's the point your an open stoner. More than 75% of the town is on meth. Except for the preps who are perfect apparently and can say whatever they want to a teacher and not get in trouble.

All the girls do is get pregnant or act emo and cut themself.

All in all. Mt. Olive is a hick town. Dont use their bathrooms it will give you herpes. And dont eat thier Little Italy's Pizza it will give the shits.
There is no fucking way you are from Mt. Olive. If you DO NOT play Black Ops- Get high constantly- Have herpes- Are pregnant at 16-Act Emo but just want attention- Prep
by Cuntstastegoodie April 20, 2011
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A town where spoiled rich kids think it's so damn cool to write a ten thousand word essay about how much it sucks. Yeah, we get it, Mt. Olive sucks balls. "Oh, there are ten thousand Dunkin Donuts and the chicks here are ho-bag, pregnant, dick-suck-for-drug sluts. No shit. We get it. Now stop bitching and complaining and go back to playing your WoW before your Mommies make you go to bed you socially retarded freak.
Man, i hate Mt. Olive so much! Look how cool i am by writing a lot about it! Maybe people and my friends will love me now because i'm just so not understood *pretends to cut wrists for attention*.
by Awesome_Awesome May 09, 2009
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