the coolest teacher ever, fun and sarcastic yet caring and educative to his pupils. Known as “mr J” or “old J

Typically let’s his kids do whatever they want but is by NO MEANS a pushover which is partly why mr Grimes is respected and sometimes feared

Mr Grimes is what teachers sees themselves as but are far from being. Mr Grimes is the REAL DEAL when it comes to cool teachers
Mr grimes: alright class we’ll continue you on the millenium falcons internal structure after lunch when we return , any questions?

Sadie: yea um, do we still gotta do the homework from our old teacher before you took over?

Mr Grimes: nah just toss in the garbage

Sadie: yay!

Mr Grimes: Is it better to be feared or respected ? Is it too much to ask for both?


Student: omg Mr Grimes!! It’s me Roland, your old student

Mr Grimes: ah yes, Roland how’s it goin??

Roland: still trying to make it work

Mr Grimes: well not if you keep falling asleep in class

Roland: aw dang yea

Mr Grimes: *gives him adderall*

Roland: woaw thnx mr Grimes

Mr grimes: don’t mention it kiddo

Mr Grimes IS BOSS
by Uggs bunny December 21, 2021
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Junior. aka “mr J

the teacher or substitute that all the kids love and for good reason, no one smarter or more in touch with reality and the education system than mr grimes, also an acting coach and rapper part time the coolness of mr the grimes is UNMATCHED AND LIMITLESS.

Any skill someone wishes to learn or improve upon its 100% chance that mr grimes specializes in it or at the very least has mastered it 10 times over.

Mr grimes translates to “best mf teacher in history of teaching”
Mr grimes is kooler than an ice cube on a chicago rooftop was originally going to integrate mr grimes onto their website but changed their minds as mr Grimes is above being rated as he’s already the gold standard by default

11/10 is the standard rating for mr Grimes’ teaching methods
by Veronicccs January 14, 2022
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A truley fucking awesome guy who has a strong hatred to little children and bombing ther birhday partys and by that i dont mean crashing it i mean taking nukes and thowing them in the bouncy house
Oh did you see Mr Grimes today?
Yeah he was committing arson on the preschool next to my house
by fbinierugbosfk' vd March 24, 2022
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