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1. A mythilogical hero who is known for his slippery fist. It is not known if this fist is in reality covered in a slippery substance or if he is simply agile and is able to "slip" through your defences.

2. What you can affectionately call your fist (if it is lubricated) as it is about to penetrate your victim's orfice.
Rodion: "It is a know fact the Mr.Slippery Fist led a hard childhood. However, after he visited the cave and defeated the demon, he realized that he could do anything he wanted to do, and thus became a great hero of his time."

Joe: "Very intresting..."

Rodion discreetly dips his fist into a jar of vasaline...

Rodion (whispers to his fist): "It's time Mr. Slippery is time..."

Rodion (yells): "MR SLIPPERY FIST...ENGAGE!!!"

Joe: "Oh shit...!"

Alternate Ending


Joe: "Oh shit...!"
by Argonak April 11, 2008
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