A Term used to define a man who hunts (and mostly gets) girls who are currently in relationships with someone else. Usually its a preety boy who is just waiting to pounce on your girl the moment you slip up! The term was made famous by Trey Songz in his song (Bottoms Up)
Here comes 'Mr. Steal Your Girl' hide your ladies or you will be sorry!
by Hlagza KG October 27, 2013
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A guy who usually can take any other guys girl .Even his closest friends if he wanted. He always has charm and is usually a pretty boy. The reason he can take anyone's girl is because every girl is attracted to him just a little bit. Chick Magnet.
Guy 1 "Is that your girl?"
Guy 2 "Yeah?"
Guy 1 "You do know im Mr. Steal Your Girl right?"
by jjdubbb November 9, 2013
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Term to define your friend that sees you spitting game on a fly honey and should respect that but gets the urge to bag her before you. His tactics include but not limited to: showing a screen shot of his highest paycheck from 3 years ago, telling you that she doesn't like Dragonball Z, and gives you 1 twenty dollar bill but tells everyone he kept slipping you twenties under the table.
Tony, we going out tonight to find us some hunnies? If we go, let's avoid inviting Mr. Steal Your Girl.
by Annon2019 March 26, 2019
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1. Me.

2. Someone who is incapable of taking your romantic partner without your prior knowledge or consent. The opposite of Mr Steal Your Girl.
"He's such a Mr. Can't Steal Your Girl."
by mr-cant-steal-your-girl October 29, 2020
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