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One who flies alone to the deep wilderness in search of inner truth.
Damn everyone is getting married. I guess I'm the last one to quack back! Who am I? I AM MR. QUACKERS!
by One who flies alone. October 09, 2008
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A little shithead that post alot memes in his account. He has no life what so ever and Just Dosent give a single fuck about what you say. He likes to annoy little kids in chats and tell them there mum gay. But when the kid responds with the no u card he reverses it. He Likes to have fun and wants to kill fandoms mostly. Also likes to spam a shit ton.
Aqui :Mr.Quackers where da meme at

Mr.Quackers : " fuck you "
by AdolfDucko May 20, 2018
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