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Mr. Creepy is a movie character invented and played by writed/director/producer/actor Todd Phillips. Mr. Creepy only appears in R-rated films directed by Phillips, i.e. "Road Trip" "Old School" and "The Hangover". Mr. Creepy usually wear a track suit, has a curly jewfro, and thick pornstache.

Mr. Creepy is also one of the biggest ladiesman in the films.
John-OMG, did you see that guy?
Tom- No
John-He looks just like Mr. Creepy from "Old School".
Tom-Never saw it.
by CoUnMe April 21, 2010
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The overwhelming feeling of depression and self-pity, accompanied by strong feelings of suicide; it is typically caused by an epic hangover or by extreme alcohol withdraw.
I got so shitfaced at the Ravens game, I must keep drinking or else I am going to get Mr. Creepies. I drank so fucking much last night Mr Creepy is definitely going to pay me a visit tomorrow. Ughh, got a gun?!?
by Salty Crocodile March 03, 2011
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