Treading water, doing the minimum to get by. Originated from working on a "PC" or Personal Computer. If there is no activity for several minutes in a row, the screen will go blank or a screensaver pops up, showing your co-workers that you are not doing any work (both in the office and monitoring remotely). So to "Move the Mouse" is to do just enough to get by as to not be outed as a slacker or non-productive.
"I'm just moving the mouse until I can cut out of work at 5:00"
by Tony Da Wonerful February 20, 2014
trying to adjust mouse while jerking by the cord without using occupied hands
His higher brain functions were shutting down as orgasm approached having synced his boner pumping to the HD porn penetrations of that hot chick's ass he was desperate to move the mouse tail to bring the screen back from screen saver power off

He was in the final throws of jerking passion moments from jizzing on his chest again when the screensaver blanked the screen. He hoped to move the mouse tail with his elbow to restore the full screen streaming HD porn
by margrette sees January 24, 2013