Movie Preview: A moving pictation of a cinematic explosion and kiss.
I was going to see Equilibrium, but the movie preview looked pretty samey.
by Kwing May 11, 2009
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That deep masculant voice that describes the newest summer blockbuster
In the city, you must fight to survive. He, sold tortillas on the corner, and the Mob wanted in.

"i don't know who this guy is, but I want him and his tortillas, DEAD!"

He had one chance, and his chance was to fight back. Arnold Schwartzenegger
"Leesen to mee, Weeve gat to geet out of heer, they're trying to take my Torteeas!"

One man, one mission.

Arnold Schwartzenegger,this Summer is "Little Tortilla boy"
by Trip_hop_Husky June 26, 2005
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"What if movies were previews" is a statement that is said in reaction to another ignorant or pointless statement.
Moron: Dude, the sun is really hot today.

Smart Guy: Man, what if movies were previews.
by Marty and Jordan February 4, 2006
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