Some guy who is an Italian-American who has a very spic-like moustache. He crashed at my summer rental quite often in 2006 and banged all the chicks. Sometimes refered to as Jose Valentine because he looks like that New York Mets player.
Moustache Man is better than everyone else. Once offered me 5 bucks at 4am for 3 beers from the refridgerator.
Guy #1: "The motherfuckin Moustache Man is fucking my girlfriend again."
Guy #2: "What are you going to do about it"
Guy #1: "Nothing. He's a better man than me"
by M2million December 8, 2006
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An emoticon with a moustache:


Used to convey extreme levels of awesome. Also used when the writer wishes to convey the seriousness of what they are saying.
Friend 1: You are so smart!
Friend 2: :-{)

Friend 1: My family hates me.
Friend 2: :-{( Moustache Man is not pleased.
by Watson221b April 26, 2011
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