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a dumbass that likes jumping down mountains on a bike they are very hot and are very strong
I was riding in front of an epic MountainBiker
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by BlackAce1313 September 11, 2019
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Mountain Biker is a shit house person who has OCD. OCD with MTB, shredding, trail cookies, bikes, mahalo, marlo and Whistler. OCD also with kamikaze, such as launching himself off big ass jumps.

Only rides park, dad only comes to witness first-hand where the ambulance will take him to this time.

Mountain biker somehow believes that riding around, shredding trails, forest surfing and eating trail cookies is more beneficial than finishing school. (AKA bro).
Common vocab used by mountain biker is mahalo, marlo, shred, trail cookies, shred hard ma dudes and im faster than you.
A mountain biker is a forest surfer who shreds.
by JellypopJess June 10, 2017
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