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The act of intentionally (or unintentionally) rolling down the side of a mountain.

*Mountain Falling is extremely dangerous and should only be performed by trained professionals. It may result in serious injury or death.

The concept is simple:
As in Mountain Running, you must get yourself to the peak of a mountain by any means necessary...Fall down it.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways:
1) A wave of insanity mixed with a feeling invincibility may overcome rationality, resulting in throwing yourself down the side of a mountain.
2) One may simply slip and fall.
3) An inexperienced "Mountain Runner" may fail to keep their body upright while taking part in Mountain Running.

100% chance of injury unless wearing appropriate gear.

Invetned at the summit of Peak 8, Breckenridge, Colorado - August 14, 2010 (Two days after the invention of Mountain Running). While decending from the peak, two hikers spotted a large snow bank. After taking part in a mid-summer snowball fight, one curious hiker decided to venture down the side of the snow field. He slipped & proceeded to slide over the edge, plummeting down the 35 foot, 70 degree slope. After falling, bouncing & tumbling down the snow slide, the hiker rolled another 20 feet through a bed of rocks before coming to an abrupt stop. Miraculously, he stood up, brushed himself off & began to laugh as he realized his sunglasses had stayed on the entire time. The only injuries suffered were a few scrapes & bruises.
Hiker A:
"Oh S#;t! This is a steep snow bank! Maybe I can try walking dow-(*slip*) Whoops!"

Hiker B
(after discovering his friend survived the fall):
"Hahahaha! That was some pretty intense Mountain Falling right there!"

When falling down the side of a mountain, one is experiencing Mountain Falling.
by B-Stan:Pridge-Bizkit August 15, 2010
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