The sexual act of a man thrusting his penis between a woman's breasts.
My new girlfriend's boobs are huge, now I can finally do some mountain climbing!
by 9 of Diamonds January 24, 2009
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When a person sticks their foot into the rectum of a different gender and wears that person as a boot.
I did a good Mountain Climbing on Stephen last night.

Becky begged me to Mountain Climb her so I had to.
by Jackk Mihoff August 28, 2011
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(in video games)The act of driving up a steep hill to kill the guy on top or other side of that hill.
In that battle there was some serious mountain climbing going on.
by Greevil August 23, 2006
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the act where one male excretes fecal matter on a female's chest. The male then proceeds to make passionate love to the female's chest using the feces as a lubricant.
Last night Mrs. Riggins asked me to go African Mountain Climbing; needless to say, my balls now smell like shit.
by Dick Ed May 30, 2012
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