A popular alternative word for money.

Moula is normally used as slang for a substantial amount of cash. Often used in a celabratory sense or meaning of the word money, for example.

"Show me the Moula"

Ultimately holds the same meaning as the word money, paper or coinage that can be used to exchange for goods and services.

As the old adage goes. Moula, you can't live with it, you can't live without it.
"Show me the Moula"
"it's all about the Moula"
"Got any Moula for me?"
"Yeah! Getting that Moula!"
by OMeisterG September 11, 2017
Cash, $$$$, Money, Paper, Currency ... If you gettin paid then you gettin that Moula
Stay on tha grind ay'day just to get that moula
by supa_mario_50 May 26, 2006
You got any moula for me?
by Lil Pris August 9, 2003
When a horse fucks a donkey and they make a baby,the baby is the moula
It's a cypriot word and can be used to refer to a woman as being ugly
Ise mia moula(you are a mule)
by AmeireukeRePoushti May 31, 2005
moullas is someone that is moulas and has petrol
moulas is define
person 1: gia sas
person 2: giaaa sath exo mouliasi like shishis
by gcsc school of carrers September 22, 2020
The twin brother of J-Money. He is part owner of Gay Money Records, along with J-Money. He is identical looking to J-Money except for a large mustache. He was captured by Hogan Leutenberger and held for ransom.
J-Money and his brother, Gay Moula, just signed a new artist to their record label.
by TProds July 2, 2010