Poster commonly designed for use in schools and offices that generally consist of a photograph centered in a rectangular frame with black background, a title in large text and a description in smaller text.
This kind of poster has been repeatedly parodied and it's a common meme along imageboards.
I lol'd so hard with this Motivational Poster
by djvangas April 20, 2008
a picture that has a subtitle underneath. were originally used to motivate but the internet changed that by instead of making them they made funny jokes with the subtitle
guy: that Motivational Poster was pretty funny

other guy: yeah but it really didn't motivate.
by rudy1143 January 13, 2010
A take off of the classic 'motivational posters'. De-motivational posters are more often than not sarcastic, insulting, or making fun of something widely known, or comical.

Often a picture bordered in black, with a large single word title written in white, and in some cases a comment below written in smaller font.
Did you see that de-motivational poster on 4-chan?
by Furofushi February 22, 2009