The use of words that only a mother would use when talking or refering to her offspring.
"Aw my baby boy Sammy's been such a treasure today"
"Come in for tea now princess."

"Dude i can't take any more motherisms, the rents are getting on my nerves big time!"
by Benny-G December 7, 2009
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A band that a lot of nonbinary people listen to.
-Do you listen to mother mother

-Yeah, I also use they/them pronouns.
-Cool, me to captain
by TheHarryPotterRoaster September 20, 2020
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An amazing band called mother mother, usually listened to by queer people, especially non binary ppl, thats why Verbatim is the unofficial non binary anthem
Person A(queer women): Do you listen to girl in red?
Person B(queer non binary person): Well I actually listen to Mother Mother
by jazzlul September 26, 2020
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A Canadian band who’s music is used as code for non-binary people.

Verbatim- he/they pronouns
Hayloft- they/them pronouns

Oh Ana- she/they pronouns
Infinitesimal- she/they/he pronouns
Person 1 (they/them) “Do you listen to Mother Mother?”
Person 2 (he/they) “Yeah, I listen to Verbatim.”
by Gender was a construct anyway December 29, 2021
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a band that is listened to by many non-binary people
Jimmy: What’s Sally listening to?

Ted: She’s listening to mother mother.

Jimmy: They’re*, not she’s. Respect people’s pronouns.

Ted: Oh, my bad, they’re listening to mother mother l.
by MangoBerries October 11, 2020
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The language of the enbys
person 1: hey do you listen to mother mother
person 2: yes, do you?
person 1: yes I do
* mutual understandment*
by frrrrooooooooooogggggggggggggg December 23, 2020
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