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Sadly it's what the organization called mothers against drunk drivers eventually became.

They had a good cause, one that even the people who drink agreed with. Once they got power they became drunk with power. They were not happy with getting the new laws passed. They keep pushing for even more and stricter laws.

Politicians were more than happy top oblige. They saw the whole affair as a means to raise money without raising taxes.

The old way of handling drunk drivers needed changed. Too many decent people were killed. Unfortunately now decent people have arrest records for drinking half a beer.
Politician to police chief. We need a new city hall but we are short of funds. Go arrest more drunk drivers.

police chief; We are already busting a lot of people as it is. I thought we were doing this to stop drunk drivers. If that's not the case then you ought to convince the people to raise taxes to build your new city hall.

The politician goes to a Motherfuckers Against Drunk Drivers meeting. He says " Drunk Driving is a CRIME against humanity!" "I need your help." "The police chief is RESISTING my efforts to rid the streets of this scum!" "I need all of you to do a public demonstration at the mayors office and DEMAND he be fired!"

There was a huge protest at the mayors office. The police chief was fired, the new police chief cracked down on the drunk drivers. A huge new city hall building was built. All the politicians became rich from illegal kickbacks. The police chief took a job as a meter maid in a smaller town that paid very low salaries. The drunks were still driving and killing people.
by OneWhoKnowsBetter December 25, 2012
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