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Moru is a mythological being made of Dreams, Drugs, Ducks and Dicks, huge dicks.

Once upon a time Moru was raped by MARA and his life became a hole of depravation and lasciviousness. His life was permanently linked to Rhum.

Moru's natural habitat is the Reign of PITIS, where HE is LORD and MASTER, and no one coughs at him.

He likes to punish with leaflets every bad woman he divises from the MARAMOVIL. This hobby is known as practicing the MARAPATRULLA.
MORU loves bukkake and HE is PITIS national champion.

There is a prophecy which says: "The day in which Moru pronounces the forbidden word BAOBAB, Mariel will make MARAmeatballs".

His sly behaviour has to do with his conspicuous way of life; his archrival MARA prefers to show his NABO (dick).

If anyone was brave enough to gainsay MORU, he will be asdrubaled by MARA, who will end this act by eating the infractor's NABO.
"MORU is the bees knees"
"MORU is a pimp"
"MORU samples rhum"
"MORU is armed, be careful with his knife".
by matruazuela2 July 23, 2009
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