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Badass shopkeeper who'll kick your ass with lamp oil, rope and bombs, because you didn't have enough rubies.

However, if you come back later when you're a little... mmm... richer, you can purchase the items instead of getting your ass kicked with them.

He feels sad about it, but he simply cannot GIVE you credit.


Originally from the CD-i game "Link: Faces of Evil"
Link: Hey Morshu, give me some bombs, will ya?

Morshu: Ummmmmmm, no way. You don't have enough rubies.
by GreenHamster72376 February 07, 2010
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Bad ass mother fucker who will kick your ass with bombs lamp oil rope because he cant give credit until your ...mmmmm richer.
originaly from Zelda wand of gamelon CD-i
Morshu is the shop keeper
by Captain Popo Falcon December 23, 2008
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