When a female wakes up and is aroused and wet. The equivalent of the male morning wood.
LIsa had a hot dream last night because she woke up with morning dew
by ChopCity May 12, 2007
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The female equivalent to morning wood. When a female wakes up in the morning and her genitals are in an aroused state (moist) as if sexually excited.
Jake: (to his girlfriend) So.. this morning, just before you were awake, I decided to try fingering you in your sleep to see what would happen.

Marissa:.... Okay. (blushes) Go on..

Jake: Well... to my juicy surprise... (he says with a sly smile on his face) ...you had morning dew!

Marissa: (thinking to herself in embarrassment: I knew I shouldn't have been fantasizing about David Tennant before falling asleep last night!!)
by The One Who Sat The Fuck Down October 18, 2012
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In reference to a woman being wet in the morning; the equivalent to morning wood.
She was so aroused her panties were soaked with morning dew.
by Roxannestone February 20, 2016
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The female's "morning wood"; waking up aroused (female).
(Waking up with her climbing on top of you): "some sweet morning dew that needs to be taken care of, I see."
by ElSenorDuke August 30, 2014
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When a woman wakes up horny and ready to fuck
My girl had morning dew today, bitch had to change her panties.
by astrosmurf May 28, 2015
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the act of sticking one's finger (or fingers) up one's own butthole and awaken the person (or persons)
next to you with the aroma.
Katie was awoken unexpectedly to the scents and subtle smells of the fresh Morning Dew.
by Dgreene August 12, 2010
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When you go pee at night and leave pee on the toilet seat for someone to sit on
by Butterscotch Nick September 13, 2019
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