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A surname derived from the Old-French word for "Dark Skinned." A very old name, with some of the more prominent French owners living in the region of Picardy in 900 AD. It was a term of endearment, as in "Look at that handsome, productive dark person." However, most of the owners of this particular surname today are decidedly white in complexion. It's an alternate spelling of Morneau, which is itself an alternate spelling of Morineau, which upon itself is a diminutive of the Germanic surname, More. All of these surnames mean the same thing. In fact, the word "More" was even used when describing a dark cloth. The origin is thought to stem from the identification of the Moors, who were a mixed population of people who had immigrated from western north Africa. Though today many of the Moors are members of the nation of Islam, the words More and Morineau were in use far before the start of the Muslim religion. Many people with this name live in Canada and the US, however, there are small populations living in such diverse locations as even Switzerland and Japan, if you can believe that. Japanese citizens with French last names...crazy stuff.
I met someone with the last name, "Morneault".
More-No? What kind of name is that?
Well, he said it means "dark-skinned," but...
...He's white, isn't he?
by Grossenschwamm November 09, 2011
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What guys refer to as "free pussy." At noon or midnight, whenever your penis desires you can call this girl and you will surely get your penis not only some fun, but also some studs(STD's)
Guy 1: Man I need some pussy right now!!!
Guy 2: Dude its fuckin 4 in the morning!!!
Guy 1: I know but my penis is so erect!!!
Guy 2: Fine I know a Morneault that you can call up.
by B$ March 27, 2005
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1. A chick thats such a slut she will give sex in any situation, sober or not, to any guy
GUY 1: Dude! That chick is a skank!
GUY 2: Your wrong there buddy, shes worse, shes a morneault.
by D$ March 25, 2005
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