Originally, Pepsi Cola used the phrase in 1950 for their marketing slogan, "More bounce to the ounce." Meaning, it pepped you up more with each incremental amount. However, Roger Troutman recorded the song for his band Zapp in 1980. It became a huge hit. In the song, which is recorded as a dance hit, he writes, "I like to watch them bounce", "get on the dance floor" and the song also features his voices uttering the sounds that sound like man's tongue and lips blubbering. This clearly indicates the reference to a woman's breasts and a man's desire to see them on the dance floor bouncing, not to mention the enjoyment of experiencing breasts on a more intimate level. Basically, the current concept of "more bounce to the ounce" refers to how most men find a large set of woman's breasts more desirable than smaller sets.
"Look at the stack she's carryin'. She's got more bounce to the ounce."
by Dance If You Want To September 6, 2011
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1. Title of a Funk song composed by Roger Troutman, performed by Zapp & Roger, who were widely recognized for their use of the vocoder. Has been sampled by epmd, notoroious b.i.g., nas, and above the law, as well as others.
2. Besides the song, it means the size of a womans' breasts in relation to her overall body weight/size. A skinny, flat chested woman needs "more bounce to the ounce," whereas a slightly overweight woman with large breasts has enough bounce. The ideal woman would be someone with a stature similar to that of Lara Croft's (though she's fictional).
girl: do my hips look big when i wear these jeans? methinks they feel too tight in the ass.
boy: on the contrary, those jeans look baggy on you and make you look skinny. looks like someone needs more bounce to the ounce.
girl: yeah right, dumbass
by Devin th' Dude July 23, 2005
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When you fly as fuck, or your shit’s better; Stronger dope
“Fuck it, I got more bounce to the ounce.”

“My rounding off kick make ya bounce to the ounce.”
by REV K7-EE-OLEVN October 16, 2020
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