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1. Title of a Funk song composed by Roger Troutman, performed by Zapp & Roger, who were widely recognized for their use of the vocoder. Has been sampled by epmd, notoroious b.i.g., nas, and above the law, as well as others.
2. Besides the song, it means the size of a womans' breasts in relation to her overall body weight/size. A skinny, flat chested woman needs "more bounce to the ounce," whereas a slightly overweight woman with large breasts has enough bounce. The ideal woman would be someone with a stature similar to that of Lara Croft's (though she's fictional).
girl: do my hips look big when i wear these jeans? methinks they feel too tight in the ass.
boy: on the contrary, those jeans look baggy on you and make you look skinny. looks like someone needs more bounce to the ounce.
girl: yeah right, dumbass
by Devin th' Dude July 23, 2005
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iownt care what yall niggas say, tiger woods is black just like the rest of us! he can deny his race all he want to, but its the resemblance is obvious. besides that, hes a kick ass golfer who hasnt been playing like crap like that dumbass was sayin, cause he just won the british open.
bruh man is half a billion dollars strong, with more to come, just won the british open, got a hot super model wife, and gets free buicks. how can good is that?
by Devin th' Dude July 18, 2005
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A vocoder is a sound effect that can make a human voice sound synthetic. It is often used to speak like a robot, with a metallic and monotonous voice.
To put it simple: whenever you speak, your voice consists of two components. The first component is your basic voice type, produced by your vocal chords. It varies in pitch but remains nearly constant in type and is quite unique. That's why you can distinguish between persons when you hear their voices. The second component is how you modulate the basic voice. Modulation means that you dynamically amplify and attenuate frequencies. This is done by the mouth and tongue when you speak.

The benefit of doing this is, you can make the carrier speak or sing. As a side effect, the formant's voice type is absolutely irrelevant to the output so everybody (even those with an ugly voice) can create cool and futuristic samples.

If you want to hear good examples of it's usage, listen to a few songs from Zapp & Roger/Roger Troutman.
The group Zapp & Roger was known for producing funk music while using the vocoder. The popular song "More Bounce to the Ounce" has been sampled into many hip-hop artist's songs.
by Devin th' Dude July 15, 2005
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in some parts of the deep south, is used to mean children
general: now drivin a humvee, chirn kin do dat, but ya gotta feel in de ass if'n the land's unstable.

pfc: what the hell is a chirn?

general: chirn. you know, bois' an girrs. i gots fo' chirns back home. how many youse got?
by Devin th' Dude July 15, 2005
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