Morally gray is a character who does too much bad to be a good character, yet too much good to be a bad character. A character who is in between good and bad.
Robin Hood is a Morally Gray character, he steals but he also gives to the poor!
by Pen Name = Pseudonym December 25, 2018
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When she commits war crimes but also has fat tiddies.
Guy 1: Bro she swamped an entire village in hellfire and nearly caused a civil war.
Guy 2: Yeah but have you seen those cheeks jiggle? Morally Gray.
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An unfortunate meme among the World of Warcraft community involving the Horde's Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner, doing incredibly evil things while the game's creators, Blizzard Entertainment, defend her actions as being "morally gray."

Though they never explicitly used these words in relation to her, they did state during a discussion on her actions that Azeroth operates on different "levels" of gray, and there's no true good or evil faction. They seem to have tossed this out the window, however, with Sylvanas burning Teldrassil to genocide the night elves on a total whim, and solely to spite a dying woman who told her she can't kill hope, plagued her own troops to raise their corpses, forsaking their souls for eternity, and now has a dagger of the Old Gods that's totally not a risky thing to do, among other things.
A few quotes about it seen in-game:
"You smell all that morally gray in the air? Smells like child corpses and depression."
"No no no, genocide is a neutral action, Blizzard said so."
"The narrative this expansion is morally cringe."
"The writing for her is about as morally grey as the Axis in WW2. Next she is going to be twirling a mustache and throwing people into ovens. Such a lazy way out to make the horde the bad guys again..."
by Cannibeans November 13, 2018
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