Moral Of The Story can sound different and can be used differently. It can be said as “Memorial Of The Story” , “Theme Of The Story “ or even said “Main idea Of the truth”. It still all means , What ever the story is about , The Main Statement is that
by pudaapudoo May 1, 2021
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Lesson to be learned from a story. Something dumb ass inexperienced players don't get.
Winner: I knew what you were from day 1 but you insisted you wanted to play the game with an older, experienced woman so, I let you play. It was fun cause I knew you had no idea what you were in for and up against. The moral of the story, the long ass story was that I am experienced not stupid and you find yourself facing the fact that YOU fell hard not me. YOU wanted marriage and forever, not me. Oh honey, what would make you think that an independent, intelligent, accomplished, beautiful, sexy woman like myself would want to marry a loser with no money and no brains like you? You really think I miss you? What was there to miss, did you ever ask yourself? Compare yourself to me and you can't, I'm way up there and you're way down there. You like to play, did you enjoy it even though you had no chance and you lost like I knew you would. I played you like a fiddle and you fell for it every time hook, line and sinker...tears too lol or hahahahahahahaha! You still like the game? Do you understand the fucking moral of the story you little egyptian piss ass bitch?

Loser crying cause until someone explained the fucking moral of the story to him he would have never gotten it.

Winner: I'm done now with your pathetic little ass, I've got better things to do with my time and better men to fuck.
by Goddess12* February 16, 2014
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