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Moral Of The Story can sound different and can be used differently. It can be said as “Memorial Of The Story” , “Theme Of The Story “ or even said “Main idea Of the truth”. It still all means , What ever the story is about , The Main Statement is that
by pudaapudoo May 1, 2021
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Jasonii Is most likely a female name. She most likely is a water sign , and 9/10 she is a cry baby. She is funny and smart and lets not forget to mention stubborn. When she wants something she is very determined on getting it. She is a homebody and only makes her appearance at big events or only to hang out with friends. Get you an Jasonii. She the best
Hmm where is Jasonii today?
by pudaapudoo March 22, 2021
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Jasonii is a thurl female. Shes often very stubborn. Shes also a crybaby. Shes very emotional so if she’s attracted to you it’s emotionally and she takes you very personal will never let anyone talk bad about you or treat you bad when shes around her loyal lies with you. Promises ? She will never break them. SHES REALLY BIG ON LOYALTY. She will be by your side and your side only even on the worst of terms. Rather beautiful without even trying. Shes always there when you need her and is very caring. Did i mention shes very beautiful, naturally beautiful with an additively fine stare. She hates making eye contact but when she does it makes you want to melt. Shes often awkwardly shy when you first meet her , depending if she likes you or not affects how long it will take her to open up. If she opens up fast and becomes comfortable with you , YOU WON. Shes often really cute with a VERY nice shape, plump butt, and fun sized. She has good taste in music. Shes one of a kind , very rare to come across an energy like hers she leaves a mark. If got her you got her 4L but if you lost her dude…you really lost her. Shes goofy with a weird laugh? But its kind of cute. Shes very irresistible. I MEAN VERY. Its very hard not to look at her when she walks by. Shes someone youll never come across again so if you fine a Jasonii keep her shes the one .
Jasonii is a trophy dude
by pudaapudoo October 6, 2021
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