A subject matter open to debate or discussion with no possible conclusion and irrelevant by it's very nature.
The yanny vs laurel recording was tampered with purposefully by a sound technician, so what it actually says is a moot point.
by Alex mars May 24, 2018
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A moot point is an expression meaning that something doesn't matter so there is no point for debate because of certain circumstances. It is either irrelevant/not worth arguing over.
Your favorite toy broke, so it is a moot point whether it has a crappy design.
by silent-reader October 6, 2009
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frequently takes place when
two cows can´t reach a consensus.
It usually but not always happens
when the subject is academic.
Bo & Vin are discussing organic farming
and wonder how this will affect
them. Vin is concerned with all this
organic feed and no hormones her teats
won´t be as attractive as before.
Bo disagrees. The hormones they have been
given all their lives will retain Vin´s form.
Since neither of them can agree, they have reached
a moot point.
by Mayuura November 9, 2007
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A moot point is similar to receiving negative points. While one person may score several points in a game of hockey, another opponent can score several moot points because he screwed up or just plain sucks.
Ex1: Mike Haire forgot that his fly was open all night. That's a moot point.

Ex2: After that terrible game I award you 4 moot points.
by Do It Big March 13, 2009
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