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MOOSEMAS is floating winter holiday meant as a non-religious substitute for Christmas, Hanukkah, and other seasonal holidays popularized by Orthodox Consumerism.

Moosemas was begun in the 1980s by Discordians, and can be celebrated as either a pagan or secular holiday, depending on the audience. Like most Discordian traditions, it's a bit hard to tell how seriously people take this holiday.

On MOOSEMAS, everybody gets together to eat chocolate mousse, drink moosemosas, stand under the moosletoe, yell MOOSLETOV!, and otherwise moose out.

Costumes and gift giving are optional.
Merry Moosemas!
by Cramulus November 30, 2010
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An expression commonly used by rizzle, tima and singles when something is very lol
Tima: dude look at that guys shoes

Rizzle: Moosema
by rts232 October 30, 2009
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Only the best holiday in the world, made in celebration of the all-holy Freddus Mooseus.
by The Muffin Mans Wife January 05, 2005
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