To Moonstomp: a simple dance derived from earlier styles of reggae to associate with offbeat genres such as ska and dub.

Despite popular belief, this does not have anything to do with violent acts with both feet upon one's head, and is wrongly thought to become associative with the extreme neo-fascist ideas of cult film "American History X"

Despite unpopular belief, the term or idea wasn't made famous on Rancid's "Roots Radicals" song on the "Out Come The Wolves" album, neither.

It is also referred to as "skanking", which has it's origins in Jamaica, also. This is a perfectly respectable name.

To moonstomp conventionally, it is suggested that you raise your left leg along with your left arm and produce a low kicking movement towards the ground in front while making a slow and gentle "punching the air" movement with your fist, sweeping it behind your right leg and doing the same movement symmetrically with your right leg and right arm and thus repeating, to the rhythm and tempo of the ska or dub song, until the end of the song.
"I want all you skinheads to get up on your feet, put your braces together and your boots on your feet and give me some of that old moonstomping……"
by SAAG December 19, 2007
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A fast danceable ska piece. Up tempo song set with fast upstrummed guitar and crazy walking bass. Often Instrumental only or having less importance put on lyrics and singing. May have odd, incoherent or otherwise shouted lyrics.

In reggae you have dub. this is a reggae piece with slightly different sections and less singing. this dubbing was to make the music better for DJ's. in SKA you have a moonstomp which is simply a song to get crazy and dance to, to skank to.
A good moonstomp song is 'dirty reggae' by the Aggrolites.
by Johnloveska June 09, 2007
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n.1. a skinhead who listens to ska
2. a n enthusiastic ska listener, who often sympathize with the punk community. This term was made famous by the Punk/Ska band Rancid in their song "Roots Radicals" off of the album "And Out Come the Wolves"
I went to the concert, but the band that opened played ska so there were a ton of moonstompers raising hell throughout the show.
by j-millz May 09, 2006
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To jump with both feet on someones head
Man that dude was talking so much shit i had to lay him out and moonstomp his head
by DementeOne August 05, 2006
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