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- noun

1. a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.
"Wow, did you see Jimmy this morning? Instead of brushing his teeth, he smoked a menthol. What a moondick!"
by MirageChopper November 06, 2008
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Moon Dick

-Adjective / Noun

To be in a state of mind that is effected by the polarity of the moon and makes one crave or desire an erect penis (Phallus) or become turned on by the thought of arousing an erect penis.
"Cindy has some serious Moon Dick. Look at her on the prowl for cock."

"I don't know what has come over me, I have Moon Dick."
by marzi_pan February 14, 2011
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A phallis plagued with deep craters from impacts with excessively abrasive vaginals. Also used as a derogitory term in Wisconsin.
Kyle: Boy, that was rough last night. I think I have moon dick.
Taylor: Why are you telling me?
by The Decafe Coffey October 17, 2008
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