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Two people who are absolutley best mates and are two halves of a whole, eg a mush and a shroom
No matter what happens they will always be soul mates.
Person 1 -'Why are those two girls always together?'
Person 2 - 'Oh, they're mushshrooms, they're never apart'
by izzzzzy May 08, 2013
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Boys bonded by the bonds of brotherhood. They will always be soul mates no mater how much they argue and always tell each other everything and be the bestest of mates.
Mush-Funny, beautiful, smart and cool
Shroom-A simpleton
'There goes a mush and a shroom'
'You are the mush to my shroom!'
'I feel all mushy inside'
'Mushshrooms 4 lyf'
by shroooom May 09, 2013
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