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Dominican slang for buddy. pal. It literally means monster.
'qué lo que montro'
by kojakzito June 15, 2009
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montroes is a below living standards town in the yarra ranges of victoria. montroes is also known as "troes" is home of bogans and "the dog", the "h-bomb" spends alot of his time their. montroes has an extremely bad fish and chippery (do not go their)
example 1
person 1: oh it broke that sucks
person 2: oh really thats bad
person 1: yeh i know
person 2: made in montroes?
person 1: yeh for sure
example 2
person 1: oh my god look at that bogan
person 2:yeh jeese, down from the montores for a day trip
person1:yeh or needed a feed
by idonthaveanothername August 28, 2006
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Combination of the words mantra and motto. Shares the same meaning.
"Blame Roger first....that's her montro"

Taken from Episode 4, Season 3 of The Closer.
by Zweihander-FA March 28, 2010
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