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when you give your partner a cum mustache.
After receiving head from my g/f, I gave her a monopoly man and collected 200 dollars for passing go.
by KHarozine February 03, 2009
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A dickgirl with a rash on its cock and mono
He was gonna hit it, but it turned out she was a monopolyman
by sonmelvin2k3 July 06, 2004
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Any person who has something of value such as money, power, or other desired qualities and uses his possessions to buy the friendship of others. Usually this type of person could not make friends with their personalities so they have to use their wealth to buy others. Monopoly Men/Women can also use their abilities to buy favors at wim in order to mess with others for personal gain. Monopoly individuals usually are terrible persons who, through hard work or daddy's inheritance, acquired their wealth/power and uses it irresponsiblely for personal gain or entertainment.
Guy 1: Hey, I heard that James got bought by that Monopoly Man yesterday. I'm guessing he is really after you.
Guy 2: Yea I know, that Monopoly Man wants to use James to convince me to willingly let that Monopoly Man sleep with my girlfriend.
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by Soccerology 101 June 20, 2018
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