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Monophyte, hailed as a king by those who don't know
The real Jon, the one who doesn't show

By day, he seeks attention
By night, womanly affection

In the end, he is worth nothing you see
All he has left is his measly pea

So farewell you prick ~*~*
AC'ers, you no longer have to suck dick
(not that there is one...)
Monophyte: I will lend SuAP to people who write poems about how cool I am!!!

AC'ers proceed to suck up.

Unsurprisingly, Monophyte ends up not lending or lending only to those he considers a friend or a friend of friends.

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A skinny white boy who happens to be really rich on neopets but only lends his prized Super Attack Pea to willing semi-hooker AC-ERS super attack whore who want to get lent.
monophyte : Haha! Sorry men, you won't be getting any SuAP from me. Bring on da laidiez~~

AC Whore : Oh jon, please lend me and I will do some late night video chat sessions with you over MSN
by The best avatar chatter July 28, 2010
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A Neopets player who is very rich and popular on the site Neopets. The reason he is very rich is because he has been working on the account for quite some time. But this is the part that most people get wrong: HE IS THE SWEETEST GUY I KNOW. He lent the Super Attack Pea to his baby sister. Also, he doesn't give it to girls that act like sluts around him. He. Has. A. Girlfriend. If you have been wondering where he got his name from, it's because when he made the account, he was sick from school fighting mono. Mono fight, monophyte.
Monophyte: I'll lend you SuAP

Neopian: AWW you're so nice(:
by I_Love_Monophyte February 12, 2011
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An extremely nice Neopets player that used to lend his Super Attack Pea but doesn't anymore, so don't ask. He also donated 200 million neopoints to help find the Wishing Well avatar. He's the most amazing Neopian ever ♥♥♥
Monophyte: Let's get the wishing well avatar!
ACers: Alright! *donates 5k*
Monophyte: *donates 200m* Aw darn, at least we're closer to finding it!!! Now who wants SuAP?
by Monophyte_Lover March 19, 2011
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