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Monkey Chuck is a Mid-90's power pop band from Michigan. Performing from 1994 to 1997 (a few errant dates after 1997). Aware Records included them on their Aware Michigan collection, where they were one of 11 bands to be featured. They signed with Yikes! Records and were included on a few of their compilations.

Monkey Chuck was also included on Grand Rapids (Mi) Radio Station WGRD's Radio Activ compilations. Larry Lowis and Ted Lowis (brothers) also appeared on the Domestic Problems CD Play (both played trombone).

Larry (guitar/vocals) and Ted (bass/vocals) started Monkey Chuck with drummer Greg DeWitt and guitar player Scott Sonneville. Later drummer Trent Martin took over, and Trent was followed by 'skin pounder' Jessie Bevridge (Now front man for Rockit King). Chad Garner took over on guitar for Scott Sonneville after the release of the CD "Goodnight".

Much of the Teenage Frames debut CD "More Songs Less Music" was recorded with Larry & Ted at the helm. Larry & Verve Pipe front man Brian Vander Ark were the guitar/singer/song writers for mid-80's group "His Boy Elroy" (just abut every Michigan band has a VP connection). After Monkey Chuck, Ted went on to play bass with the Chicago-based group Teenage Frames.
Monkey Chuck Yikes! Records, Aware Records, Rock band, power pop, Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids/Lansing Michigan, Mid-90's
by Jon Douglas September 10, 2006
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by Motherfucker November 17, 2004
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