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when a guy fucks you up the ass with his big dick and cuts your anus hole and the cut gets inffected and thick liquid like butter stuff leeks out of your anus (puss) its really nasty.
ewwwww. is that anus butter leeking outta there??!! you need to get that check

chick 1: your a bitchchick 2: well at least i dont have anus butter..
by sarah lynne, tricia Michelle January 24, 2011
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Creamy substance found in the ass crack created from a mixture of sweating, not wiping properly, and overall bad hygiene. Usually combined with severe to moderate anal leakage caused by excessive anal fisting or other violent forms of butt play.
Oh Lordy, my anusbutter is so lit today. Put it on your toast and enjoy my funky flavor y’all.
by Dr.SBorn January 08, 2019
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