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A sexual maneuver in which the pitcher covers his penis in carefully molded C4 then approaches the catcher and drops his pants. When the catcher, unaware of the preparation, gets down to blow the pitcher, the pitcher detonates the C4.
"So what're your plans for tonight?"
"I'm gonna give Becky the monkey bomb."
"The what?"
"Well, you know, when you get the C4, and you--"
"I believe that's called guro."
by Karma Sutra June 11, 2018
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A sexual act in which the male ejaculates in his hand and slaps his partner in the face (best done from behind).
My boyfriend monkey bombed me by surprise!
by The True Bomber October 04, 2016
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An offensive term for an i.e.d
If you don't know what you're doing building a monkey bomb in your basement and injure yourself, the government isn't responsible.
by sexydimma May 30, 2017
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