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Careful preparation is crucial to successful execution of the Mongolian Mudslide:
1. 8 to 12 hours before the planned festivities, the man eats a robust meal consisting of late night taco truck fare, corn nuts drenched in habanero bean dip, cheap beer, and perhaps some questionable sushi from a gas station.
2. Chug a jug of Exlax or similarly aggressive diarrhea inducing agent.

When the time is right, the man straddles the woman’s chest and proceeds to receive a vigorous blow job. When things are heating up, the man unloads his colon with a fury normally reserved for a menacing volcano, evenly across the woman’s chest. The man then turns his attention to titty fucking those now muddy mountains. When the man cums, he is careful to artfully puts some snow on the tops of the two muddy mountains.

With some patience and practice, the Mongolian Mudslide can be a veritable piece of art, so don’t forget to take pictures for the family Holiday card.
Dude, did you see Lester’s photo of his Mongolian Mudslide? It was like a fuckin Bob Ross masterpiece with those happy little teats!
by Moit lives January 28, 2017
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When you have to release your fecal matter but have a sports practice, so you let it out in your compression shorts. Thus, creating a mudslide like environment in your pants with your own feces.
I had soccer practice after school and had no time to use the bathroom, so i ended up with a mongolian mudslide.
by Chet chu betcha September 13, 2017
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