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Sexual/romantic attraction for women who care for you, protect you, and nurture you, and love you unconditionally. Sometimes she may baby you, but you're nuts for that shit. You just love it when she holds you when you're scared of the dark, and when she caresses your hair and your cheeks followed by a kiss on the forehead as she pulls you into her warm, loving arms, giving you a mouthful of her wonderful boobies. Even a simple hug from her makes everything better; you're safe from anything that could ever hurt you.
Omg! I hate it when my gf mommies me, I'm not five damnit! GOD
WHAT?! How?! I LOVE it when she protects me like I'm her little baby. Drives me mad! Soooo sexy
.......lmao u got a mommy kink?
by Melodramatic909 September 20, 2017
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To call a female "mommy" during sexual activities rather than using a name. Usually used with two females.
"The girl I was with the other night had a mommy kink. Hot as hell''
by leedleleedlefuckinglee April 12, 2015
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