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A roommate who acts like your mom by tucking you into bed when you're drunk, making you dinner, bringing you medicine when you're sick, and of course picking you up and dropping you off at parties, friend's houses, school, etc.
Becki is the biggest mommate because she had to remind Jess to frequently apply sunscreen in Cuba.

Leah had to tuck Chantelle into bed when she was too drunk to manage on her own. What a nice mommate!

Jess, being the mommate that she is, drove Chantelle, Leah, and Amanda to the bar and told them to have a safe night.
by 313vagina March 01, 2009
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A roommate who has the qualities of most mothers. A mommate will nag, belittle, and ultimately make one feel guilty as apposed to arguing.
Example 1

Person one: "Is the mommate home?"

Person Two: "No, we can eat in the living room."

Example 2

Person 1: "I see you finally did the dishes."

Person 2: "No the mommate did them last night but I heard about it five times this morning."
by pseudominate February 23, 2010
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