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When used, it almost always is a compliment. It is pretty much the best thing you can say to your best friend, your girlfriend's father, or your priest.

It can be used in literally every style of grammar.

"That game was so Molan."
"I Molan'd the shit out of her."
"Hello, Molan, your daughter looks lovely tonight."
"I believe Molanly in God the Father."

Now some smartass non-Molan is going to say that's not all the styles of grammar. Good point.

Preposition: "Can you walk Molan the grocery store?"
Gerund: "Molaning is still legal in 48 states."
Clause: "Molan, Molan, Molan."

Now, with your new-found knowlege, go out and take on the world, you big Molan you!
She my girl, Molan.
by VitaminaKaNoexiT March 24, 2011
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A rather new word that is used to offend mostly guys
it usually means that
1.there ugly munterswho cant get a girl
2.there a shitshag
3.or there gay ass fagsthat need to get a life
or u can use it as the word molan`d or mol`ed wich means
he got turned down or dumped
hey did you hear about that girls boyfiend hese such a molan

i cant elieve that molan is going out with her

fuck of you molan

ha ha ha that boy just got molan`d
by tight ass bitch April 20, 2006
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