When a tech problem magically fixes itself just due to the IT guy walking in the room or area of the problem occurring.
The IT guy walked in the room and the problem just fixed itself. Must be his IT Mojo.
by Rainman2746 November 22, 2021
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some retard who thinks he's a good youtuber. typically makes shitty gaming videos and puts 93 exclamation marks in his videos.
"this hic mojo guy is such a tool."
"I know right?"
by Bongerino October 31, 2018
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The button one must push in order to enduce ones "mojo". The mojo button can help enduce feelings of intense sexual urges.
I was walkin to my room when my girlfriend pushed the mojo button. I am now horny i said to her. Please go in my room, because my mojo is not activated.
by The Mojo man January 24, 2009
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