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A girl who refuses to accept that she is beautiful, and Moffetts are amazingly smart and wise. She is a wonderful friend and is recommended that you find a Moffett, for they are quite rare. You can trust her with everything, but their only weakness is that they love to sleep in.
I need a Moffett in my life.

Stop being a Moffett, and get up.
by Chanthestalker January 22, 2019
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an entangled collection of pubic hair after being removed from the male or female genitial area. Normally taking the shape of a ball.
my room mate left a moffett all over the toilet after shaving his balls.
by 83lineshack October 27, 2008
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A ball of pubic hair on, or detached from, the male or female private regions. not excluding testes, assholes, or dirty armpits.
"my roommate left a moffett on the toilet seat after shaving his dirty balls."

"i found a moffet in the drain after investigating my clogging issues."
by Vfa-83 LINE November 01, 2008
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A proud white man who despite really being a douche believes revving his motorcycle makes home cooler and more attractive too the opposite sex.
That loud Jewish man at the other table must be a moffett
by Beafisbae September 05, 2019
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