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A slow maneuver used in heavy traffic which causes an opposing vehicle to move from its location to allow the primary vehicle safe passage. This commonly occurs because the primary vehicle is too large. A modock often is the result of an opposing vehicle being located in an improper location and said opposing driver recognizes his/her error--then allowing for safe passage. Given the everyday nature of this occurrence, it's usually considered a victory to be the first to witness a modock in action and proclaim loudly "MODOCK!".

Note: those who are "modocked" are routinely oblivious of any error on their part.
A classic modock is when a transit bus makes a right-handed turn and causes #1 car waiting at stoplight to slowly move in reverse, allowing for safe passage of transit bus.

1) Dude, did you see that bus just modocked that Mini?
1) Pfftfthfhfhfppfff!
by nulu resident September 30, 2013
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When the foreskin on one penis is pulled over the head of another penis; 'to modock'
Gabba and Brett show their love by modocking frequently, Daniel enjoys watching people modock.
by Rol3mod3l January 28, 2009
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