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A networking site geared towards aspiring models and photographers. It would be a great site, but it has flaws that are enough to overlook the pros. It's EXTREMELY unprofessional. For starters, the moderators are always on their high-horse & they'll ban members without any kind of warning if you get into a political/soapbox argument on the forums (I fail to see the connection between off-topic arguments & expanding your portfolio). And there's alot of perverted photographers who lack talent that are only interested in finding attractive models to shoot nude (or nearly nude) for their own personal pleasures & provide no benefit for the model.

Overall, Model Mayhem sucks & avoid it like a plague! It's only a matter of time before the site crashes & burns (which it will).
Skeeter: I want to build a portfolio with some nice photos. I'll join Model Mayhem.

Homer: Don't. It's unprofessional & shitty. It's full of pervy photographers who just want to see you naked & idiot moderators who exert their power plays & punish you for name-calling on the forums.

Skeeter: Okay, nevermind. I don't have to join to know that site sucks cock
by Soul_Driver July 25, 2011
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ModelMayhem is a social networking site similar to Myspace. But it is solely geared towards models, photographers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists & graphic artists. Anyone can get a free profile there. Due to this fact, it has been over run with GWC's and non-model material models. There are many talented and legit individuals on the site, but there are also a lot of creeps and talentless hacks.
model1 - Have you made an account on modelmayhem yet?
model2 - not yet, should I?
model1 - go for it! Just watch out for perves.
by CheekyBottom July 26, 2009
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