A beautiful, selfless woman, usually, married to a man of poor character, who is expected to do nothing but smile, take care of the kids and household, and tend to her husband, while never ever acknowledging the abusive, sinful, greedy, selfish world she married into.
Disrespected one too many times, the Mob Wife finally killed her husband in his sleep.
by SJBrowneII March 1, 2015
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A hypocritical women who enjoys the benefits of masculinity at the same time criticising it.
A women who is married to a mobster and she criticises him as though she is morally superior, while enjoying all the safety and money that he provides is a "Mob Wife".

A girlfriend likes that her boyfriend likes to take on the lead role in relationship like making decisions,research, planning for both of them but whenever there is a misjudgement or an activity that she doesn't enjoy then a "Mob Wife" will accuse her boyfriend that "he is controlling", "never lets her make decisions", "selfish" she loved it when it was going nice for her and even encouraging him . That's a Mob Wife.
by tachikjerkh August 19, 2020
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You're a MOB wife.
If you weren't such a MOB Wife we could go to the (your choice of event here).
by Sally Sunshine October 7, 2010
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