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Pronunciation: (My-Turban-Is-Dirty)

Definition: An underground term stating Indians who are annoying, disliked, and unattractive. This term is not racist; it is another way of explaining stereotypes and different race jokes.

Miterbenesdertie can also be used in daily life and is closely related to calling someone an idiot or stupid of what-sorts.
This word can also state if an Indian person has indecent smells coming from his/her hair, or if their turban is actually dirty, and smells.

Note: The term can be abbreviated into M.T.D (Due to it's unusual length)
'Sanju = Miterbenesdertie'
'Which Indian is a Miterbenesdertie around here?'
'Gosh, Sandra, your such a Miterbenesdertie!'

Sam: 'This party is M.T.Ding!'
Joe: 'No...'
by UD-Persona (Same User) March 24, 2009
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