The day before Valentine's day typically reserved for a man taking out his mistress or girlfriend. On Valentine's Day a man is "required" to take out his wife or steady girlfriend. However, the restaurants, bars and clubs are packed on February 13th for the better looking women in a man's life.

Mistress Day gifts are typically always jewelry and lingerie, while Valentine's day gifts are chocolate and teddy bears.

The most popular day for "short stay" hotel bookings.
A man said to his wife on February13th, "I'll be working late tonight, I'll make up for it tomorrow on Valentine's Day". Secretly he was preparing his cover for Mistress Day celebrations!
by Rob bie February 13, 2012
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The day before St-Valentines, February 13th, which is known as the official Mistress Day.
Dude: I got my flowers and chocolate ready for my wife for St-Valentine's day yet I'm missing the gift for my mistress for Mistress Day that's coming right before. Oh and I'll also need tons of condoms.
by Dr Manian February 12, 2012
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