A man said is a term used by a ghetto person to try and tell someone something but they don't want to tell them who said it or it can be used to roast someone but to make them think ur not the one saying it
Jack: A man said ur boyfriend is built like caillou with his non hairline havin ass

Angelina:Who said that?

Jack:A man....
by Retro__ December 15, 2016
When someone says something strange, funny or unusual
Elliot: “I like spoons
Elise: “man said he likes spoons😂😂”
by Lolspoonboi January 6, 2019
Used in the case when a person has said a phrase in which was not funny, or used lame comedy, but in which they thought was funny themselves, And is replied with thats what mole man said.
Person - What do you call if you cross a kangaroo and a trampoline.... A wooly jumper

2nd Person - Thats what mole man said

Can be shortened to TWMMS, Usually for online use.
by Mini-Coops January 6, 2011
this is usually said by a cheating partner as an inside joke to the person he or she is cheating with. it is meant as a joke about popping up and saying boo to the cheating partner's significant other, which obviously can't be done.
"tell your man i said boo. when are you going to leave his broke ass for good so we don't have to sneak around anymore?"
by justin8239 February 17, 2009