3 definitions by Dr Manian

The combination of the words "fuck" and "anywhen" which implies somebody's strong interest into sealing a deal very quickly.

The abridged version "anyf'nwhen" can also be used.
Hot chick: I wanna suck your cock baby...
Horny dude: ANYF'NWHEN!

Dude1: Dude, it's been forever since last time we meet, we should hook up for a beer somewhen, what do you say?
Dude2: Totally dude, i'm free anyfuckingwhen!
by Dr Manian October 14, 2011
The day before St-Valentines, February 13th, which is known as the official Mistress Day.
Dude: I got my flowers and chocolate ready for my wife for St-Valentine's day yet I'm missing the gift for my mistress for Mistress Day that's coming right before. Oh and I'll also need tons of condoms.
by Dr Manian February 12, 2012
The combination of the words "fuck" and "whatever" which implies a total lack of interest for any given topic.
Her: I saw your ex dating Joe yesterday...
You: Whatefuckver, i couldn't care less about her as i'm banging her soon-to-be-ex-bff now, hah!

Teacher: I'm now ready to hand out last exam's results...
Brat: Whatefuckver douche!
by Dr Manian October 14, 2011